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  • What is Fourth Suit Forcing in bridge?
    With this hand, Graeme illustrates how helpful fourth suit forcing can be when we know we want the auction to continue but we’re not yet able to decide our best contract.
  • A Magic (Bridge) Trick
    After an incredible auction, we find ourselves in slam with what looks like two unavoidable club losers. Luckily we have our resident magician, er… bridge teacher to make one of those losers disappear!
  • I don’t want to embarrass myself or ruin the game for others
    We received a touching email from one of Pam’s students. I imagine it expresses a feeling all of us learning how to play bridge can relate to. Please join us for a short conversation with Pam about how bridge learners can find the courage to start playing with others.
  • Where did everyone else find that 11th trick?
    Ever feel good about how you played a hand until you see how many others found an extra trick somewhere?
  • Is this the craziest bridge hand you’ve ever seen?
    Pam Livingston played this hand recently against the robots on BBO. Her (robot) partner bid clubs twice but left her in 3NT. West is about to lay down their opening lead. What would you expect North to have?
  • Looking for clues to predict a bad trump break
    When trumps behave, we make a lot of our contracts but when trumps break badly, how many times do we go off and blame our bad luck?
  • Four Steps to Take with Any Suit Contract
    Teacher Yaniv Vax join us for a video lesson on the steps we can use to help us playing suit contracts.
  • Introduction to Bridge – Lesson 2
    Jack will introduce the bidding where you decide which suit will be trumps or whether to play without trumps. We then play out the cards.
  • Handling Borderline Decisions
    Can you find a way to combine ruffing in the short hand with drawing trumps? It is possible to do both in one hand!
  • Introduction to Bridge – Lesson 1
    An introduction to the wonderful game of bridge. We will play some Whist first and then move onto Bridge, concentrating on the second part of the game where all four players play out their cards.
  • Learn from everyone at the table
    The bidding 1C – 4H – 6D – P; P – P is not an auction you see everyday! Everyone at this table made great choices to make this a very interesting hand.
  • When we’re stuck in a wonky hand
    With such an unbalanced distribution of the suits, many of players ended feeling confused during the bidding and the card play. Luckily, India can help us figure out how to chart a path when we’re stuck a wonky hand.