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  • Scoring in Bridge

    by LBO presentsHow to calculate your score in bridge

    Scoring may not seem to be as fun or interesting as the card play and bidding, but it can be vitally important to our tactics. Knowing the scoring can help us decide whether it's worth bidding higher, may change how we play our contract, and can even help us decide whether it is worth bidding a contract we know will go down!

  • Common Mistakes in Bidding

    by Tina McVeigh
    • Common Mistakes in Bidding with Tina McVeigh - $40
    Common Mistakes in Bridge with Tina McVeigh

    Continuing her popular series of Common Mistakes in Bridge, Tina McVeigh will guide you through the most common bidding mistakes she has seen her students make again and again over the years and teach you how to avoid making them yourself.

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  • Sacrifice Bids in Bridge

    by Adam Parrish
    • Sacrifice Bids in Bridge with Adam Parrish - $60
    Sacrifice Bids in Bridge with Adam Parrish

    New! Already included for members of Adam’s Monday class: Join the class to save. Knowing when to sacrifice is one of the trickier decisions in bridge. It’s also essential to know what to bid after your opponents have sacrificed. This includes the infamous Forcing Pass. Sacrifice contracts can present unique problems to both declarer and […]