You don’t have to be a master pastry chef to make a delicious cake: you can buy a box of Duncan Hines and do what it says on the back of the box. All you need is the ability to follow instructions and some basic general knowledge.

Squeezes are the same way. We don’t need seven-tier wedding cake skills; we need to be able to buy a box of cake mix and follow the directions.

Understanding the very basics of how squeezes work will be enough to help you execute the vast majority of squeezes out there. They’re called simple squeezes for a reason. Apply just a little bit of technique and tricks will materialize out of nowhere.

Lesson 1 – What is a Squeeze Play in Bridge? Lesson 2 – The Ingredients to a Squeeze Play Lesson 3 – The Double Squeeze Lesson 4 – The Pseudo-Squeeze

About Adam Parrish:

Adam Parrish is among the top bridge teachers and authors in the United States. Adam teaches weekly online bridge lessons and play sessions at Learn Bridge Online. Members can join the lessons live or watch via replay later.

Adam has written five acclaimed books and writes a monthly column in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. He teaches students all around the world, both online and in person in NYC. He is also one of the partners of Bridge Winners, the web’s premier bridge discussion site.

Adam’s Teaching Philosophy:

“Bridge is a game, and above all is meant to be fun. This approach is the backbone of my teaching philosophy. It’s very hard to learn when you’re down on yourself, so I strive to keep things enjoyable and positive create an environment that fosters learning.

My focus is on logic and thought-process. Learning new conventions is fun, and there is plenty of value there. But knowing the system you already play and understanding the fundamentals of bidding and cardplay are significantly more important. So my teaching focuses more on declarer play, defense, and bidding fundamentals and less on exotic conventions. I want to be sure you not only know what the correct bid or play is, but why it is the correct thing to do.”