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Jack Stocken has established himself as one of the country’s foremost bridge teachers; renowned for his patience, clarification of teaching and most important of all, making bridge a fun game to learn. Jack started teaching bridge in 1999 at The Andrew Robson Bridge Club where he worked as the club’s manager for seven years. He returned to his native Yorkshire in 2006 where he started “Yorkshire Bridge” and now has regular classes in Harrogate and Helmsley.  Jack also teaches groups at private houses and has taught in several other counties. His bridge teaching is in the same style as at the London Club, with an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere and enjoyment of the game.


Take-out Doubles in Bridge

Author: Jack Stocken

Double is the most useful and underused bid in Bridge, as it can be utilised in so many situations that aren’t covered by overcalls. However it is a tricky bid as it has two different meanings, Take-out and Penalty. If you follow these guidelines you won’t go wrong.

Penalty Doubles in Bridge

Author: Jack Stocken

Double has two meanings, take-out and penalty. However there is one exception to the above and that is if a player opens 1NT. Then a double by either overcaller is for penalties.

Protective Doubles in Bridge

Author: Jack Stocken

Protective doubling is when someone has bid and the next two players have passed, ie 1♥ – pass – pass – ?. The bidding is about to end if you pass in 4th position, so you should do everything possible to keep the bidding open.