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Opening Leads in Bridge with Pam Livingston
Opening Leads in Bridge with Pam Livingston

The opening lead has a big impact on how the hand proceeds.  Should we think about No Trump and Suit contracts differently? After carefully considering the auction we select which suit to lead – but which card?

Suitable for Acol and Standard players. Join live or watch a replay later.

About the Class:

Thinking, enjoyment and thinking some more.  My teaching style is to develop your game by encouraging you to think and understand rather than learning by rote.  Bridge is all about making good decisions and I aim  to give you the skills and the confidence to make those decisions.  But we play bridge for enjoyment right?  So let’s have fun too.   These lessons are aimed at intermediate players wishing to improve their bidding without making everything too complicated.  You will be comfortable that you have the basics of bidding mastered and are ready for the next step.  

We've picked which suit to lead – which card? Opening leads in suit contracts  Opening leads in no-trump contracts   Applying what we know