What a pleasure to have Yaniv Vax join us for a video lesson on the steps we can use to help us playing suit contracts.

  1. Count your trumps: find out how many your opponents have and then count backwards to get rid of them.
  2. Count losers : remember the long side of the trump suit is your base.
  3. Find ways to reduce your losers : trumping in short hand, discard them or use techniques like finesse.
  4. Communication: make sure to keep access (usually to the dummy) so you won’t end up with tricks you cannot win.

Thank you, Yaniv, for presenting this free bridge lesson for us!

Please feel welcome to leave a question or comment on the Youtube page here: https://youtu.be/qSw48OfyPP8

After watching the video above, try playing all four hands for one of the boards below:

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Yaniv Vax is a popular teacher in the UK and Israel. He has been an Israel Bridge Federation Professional Bridge Teacher for about 30 years. Yaniv’s extensive teaching history has given him plenty of experience working with players of all ages and levels. Thank you, Yaniv, for joining us for this video lesson!

Be sure to follow Yaniv Vax’s Youtube channel for more videos and lessons here.