The unusual 2NT bid is a popular convention but not a bid we have a chance to bid often. It’s very descriptive as we tell partner 10 of the 13 cards in our hand in one go. This allows us to figure out where we want to play fairly quickly and get in the opposition’s way when it’s right to.

In this video, Jack introduces us to the unusual 2NT (5-5 in the two lowest unbid suits), reminds us why vulnerability is important when bidding, and bids to a contract with a challenge.

It would be easy to automatically accept down 1 on this hand but can we do better? Should we draw trumps or is there something more important to do first? Is there a layout we can make on?

Count losers in high level contracts and look to discard a certain loser before drawing trumps, if drawing trumps means losing the lead. Also be optimistic: play the hand with the only layout of the cards that will make the contract. In this hand, declarer needed three winning finesses!

After watching the video above, try playing all four hands for one of the boards below:

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