Weekly Beginners Lessons with Jack Stocken

$40 every 4 weeks with a 14-day free trial

The first two weeks are free for new players. No coupon necessary.

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Wednesdays at 2pm, UK time – (View class time in your local timezone)

Join Jack’s weekly class for beginners and improvers. Take part in a new interactive online lesson each week. Ask and respond to Jack’s questions in real-time.

Jack’s beginners’ lessons will continue with weekly lessons every Wednesday for £8 a lesson, billed as £32 every four weeks.

All active members of the class are able to:

  • Attend new interactive live lessons every week
  • Access a library of past lessons available via replay
  • Receive lesson worksheets and playable hands created for you by Jack
  • Ask Jack bridge questions via the class forum

Lesson are generally available for replay for six months.

Free Introductory Lessons

Lesson 1

  • An introduction to the wonderful game of bridge. We will play some Whist first and then move onto Bridge, concentrating on the second part of the game where all four players play out their cards.

Lesson 2

  • Jack will introduce the bidding where you decide which suit will be trumps or whether to play without trumps. We then play out the cards.

Lesson 3

  • We will look at balanced hands in bridge and when you should open one no trump (1NT).

Upcoming Lessons:

Lesson 4

  • All games have a method of scoring and bridge is no exception. After this lesson you will know what to aim for in the bidding and how to win or lose!