Weekly Lesson with Jack Stocken

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Mondays at 9:30am, London time – (View class time in your local timezone)

Take part in a new interactive online lesson each week. Ask and respond to Jack’s questions in real-time.

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Recent Lessons:

Responder’s First Bid
The first in a new unit on bidding as responder, this lesson covers supporting partner to the relevant level with 4+ card support, bidding the cheapest of fours and the Dustbin 1NT bid when you fail the Rule of 14.

Card Major Suit Raise
We will look at when it is preferable to raise partner’s major suit opener with just 3+ cards and also how the bidding will progress from there to reach the best contract.

Responder’s Rebid
The most difficult bid in bridge as get it wrong and you will end up in the wrong contract. Topics including finding the right bid when responder has a 6+ card suit, rebidding 2NT or 3NT and false preference when opener shows 5 – 4.

Fourth Suit Forcing
One of the most useful conventions in bridge as it opens up valuable bidding space when responder has a game going hand. Some hands are unbiddable without FSF.

SQOT and Level of the Fit
Overcalling is all about suit quality – the handy SQOT test will tell you if your suit is good enough to overcall. We will also discuss one of the most useful bidding strategies in bridge – bidding to the level of the fit.

The Unassuming Cue Bid
One of the simpler conventions in bridge but also one of the most useful. With the U.C.B. in your armoury you can differentiate between a weak supporting overcall by bidding to the level of the fit and a strong supporting hand with 10+ points by using a U.C.B.

Putting it All Together
We will review everything we’ve learned in the last six weeks and look towards how we can keep integrating these lessons into our ongoing play.

Upcoming Lessons:

One of the most commonly used conventions in bridge and one of the most useful. It is the only way to find a 4 – 4 major suit fit when partner opens 1NT or 2NT. For the more experienced we will also look at weak Stayman and phoney Stayman!

Overcalling No Trumps
We will look at the 1NT overcall and how to respond to it. Also featured will be an overcall of 2NT after a weak two opener and a 3NT overcall after a weak three opener, again with the responses.

Weak Jump Overcalls at the two, three and four level
If you play weak two openers then you should definitely play weak jump overcalls as they make life so much harder for the opposition. Also covered will be jump overcalls at the three and four level.