Jack asks that you try playing some practice hands before next week’s lesson.

While you play, please remember these three tips from Jack:

  • If you have 8+ cards between you and dummy, then choose that suit as trumps
  • If you have only 7 cards then choose to play without trumps (NT – stands for No Trumps)
  • Choose “1” when asked about tricks and play your first card from dummy (North) to get started

Lesson 1

  • An introduction to the wonderful game of bridge. We will play some Whist first and then move onto Bridge, concentrating on the second part of the game where all four players play out their cards.

Feel free to leave any bridge questions in a comment at the bottom of the page. Please use the golden support widget for any support requests.

Click here to play some practice bridge hands.

Click here to view the Lesson Worksheet

Thank you again for being part of the class! If you know any friends who might enjoy these lessons, please invite them to view this replay and come to the next lesson.

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  1. Maria

    Hello. I have registered for your 2.00pm session today. Please could you confirm how long the lesson will be?

    Looking forward to receiving further details on how to join in at 2.00pm.


    1. Bajir

      You’re in the right place, Maria – the live lesson will be here on this page.

  2. Rosemary Wright

    The email says 2pm BST. I presume it should be 2pm GMT 🙂

  3. Rob

    Is there a link for me to connect to at 2 today?

    1. Bajir

      You’re in the right place, Rob. We’ll be streaming live to this page. 🙂

  4. Jo-Jo Burnaby-Atkins

    Hi Jack – I need to go back to basics after too many years since I last did one of your fabulous courses (on a cruise and in Spain!) – please can I register for this. I have work meetings so will have to watch them later however….
    thanks and very much looking forward to it

    1. Ilona Boyle

      Hi Jo-Jo- Great to see you here! I’ve just done the first lesson and loved it.

  5. Kristina

    Just making sure I am on this chat group. My name is Kristina.

    1. Jack Stocken

      You’re in the right place, Rob. We’ll be streaming live to this page.

    2. Jack Stocken

      You’re in the right place,We’ll be streaming live to this page.

  6. tim bowdler

    Hi, I’m Tim and just registering for the first lesson

    1. Jack Stocken

      You’re in the right place,We’ll be streaming live to this page.

  7. Kip Bertram

    I am KipBertram from Norwich England

  8. Marion

    I am from Northern Ireland. Looking forward to the lesson .

  9. Britta Sugden

    Hello, Britta here. Hope this won’t be another thing I am bad at…

  10. Katharine Malvern

    I am hoping to help 2 friends who are complete beginners and I want to see how you do it.

  11. Mariana

    I will log on and then would like to view it later as I am working Hope that is ok

  12. nick mason

    Hi Bajir – am I in the right place for the interactive lesson? Nick

  13. Jack Stocken

    You’re in the right place,We’ll be streaming live to this page.

  14. Marion F-S

    I’m hoping if i start from scratch (again) it might help!

  15. Liz Barlow

    Not able to chat – its saying “A name has not been set for this account. Please try again when a name has been set.”

    1. Jack Stocken

      please use the golden widget to contact Bajir. You may need to set up a YouTube account quickly

  16. Jennifer Miller

    Complete newbie to Bridge looking forward to introduction lesson, should we have a deck to hand?

    1. Jack Stocken

      no cards needed at all – they are all online!

  17. Boyd

    Really looking forwards to chipping through the accumulated rust since Spain rather a long time ago now.
    Warmest regards
    Thomas Boyd

    1. Jack Stocken

      Great – glad you enjoyed the lesson

  18. Graham Rhodes

    Hi Jack

    Had a few techy problems – no chat available etc.

    However, we managed to see the lesson, and look forward to watching it again later today.

    Thanks again, and well done. Graham.

  19. Imogen

    Not sure how to join in with the live chat as I don’t have a google account and I don’t know how to log in to the chat on YouTube.
    I am accessing the classes on my Ipad.No computer or laptop at my disposal Is this going to work for me?
    Great first lesson,but I would have liked to have asked questions, even if I can’t answer them on the chat line!
    Many thanks.

    1. Bajir

      Hi Imogen – thank you for joining us! In our regular weekly lessons, all students can chat (no log in with Google necessary). For this larger free event using Youtube, it was necessary. Sorry we didn’t get to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment for Jack below.

  20. Arielle

    Hello Jack,
    So sorry but I missed the session. How do I find the re-play please?

    1. Bajir

      You’re in the right place, Arielle – you can watch the replay right on this page. Enjoy!

  21. Jack Stocken

    just click on the video at the top of this page . Any problems contact Bajir with the golden widget in the bottom left hand corner of this screen

  22. Amanda

    Hi there,
    i’m a complete beginner but very keen to learn as my partner is a bridge freak!
    Please help me so that I can speak his language!!!
    Best regards

  23. Jack Stocken

    Hi Amanda,
    I am delighted that you would like to learn the wonderful game of bridge. You have missed Lesson 1 but you can watch it in replay at the top of this page and then join us live (or in replay) for Lesson 2 on Wednesday 27 January at 2pm. The first two lessons are free. Any problems let me know.

  24. Stephanie

    Hi Jack
    I couldn’t watch your lesson in real time, so have watched it later, really enjoyed it, thank you. I’ve just been trying some practice hands and wanted to ask a question while it’s still fresh in my mind if that’s ok?
    I had a hand where I chose hearts as trumps as I had 8 of them, but when I came to play, all the opponents’ trumps were with the East player. Should you still proceed and draw out their trumps in this situation or is there a better way of doing it? As I’d followed your advice and only bid one, I did make it but I am sure I didn’t play it very well!!
    Many thanks

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Stephanie
      Delighted you enjoyed your first bridge lesson – i had fun teaching it! Fine to ask a question – that is the purpose of this page.
      Good question and unlucky that trumps divided 5 – 0. When trump divide really badly like 4 – 1 or 5 -0 it is best to stop drawing them and play on other suits. “See” you tomorrow.

  25. Ken

    Thanks Jack- Just watched first lesson.. really informative.

  26. Lesley Penn

    Good morning Jack. Really enjoyed last weeks session and even did some practice! Owing to a prior commitment, I will miss the beginning of today’s session (or maybe all of it) and wanted to check that I will be able to access it on line later today or tomorrow. Very keen to continue. Best, Lesley.

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