Join Jack’s weekly class for beginners and improvers. Take part in a new interactive online lesson each week. Ask and respond to Jack’s questions in real-time.

Jack’s beginners’ lessons will continue with weekly lessons every Wednesday for £8 a lesson, billed as £32 every four weeks.

All active members of the class are able to:

  • Attend new interactive live lessons every week
  • Access a library of past lessons available via replay
  • Receive lesson worksheets and playable hands created for you by Jack
  • Ask Jack bridge questions via the class forum

Lesson are generally available for replay for six months.

Lesson 2

  • Jack will introduce the bidding where you decide which suit will be trumps or whether to play without trumps. We then play out the cards.

Message from Jack Stocken:

Bridge is one of the world’s greatest games played by millions of people. It combines logic and numeracy skills with great sociability and enjoyment. No knowledge of card games is necessary to join this course and it really is for complete beginners although if you learnt in the distant past you are welcome to join too. I have been teaching bridge for 20 years and will guide you through the game of bridge at a gentle pace, as well as making the course fun and interactive. Once you have started playing bridge there will be no looking back!

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  1. Amanda

    Really enjoyed lesson one , thank you. Looking forward to the second lesson!

  2. Jack Stocken

    Hi Amanda
    Great – I enjoyed it too! “See” you Wednesday.

  3. Bernice

    Hi looking forward to the second lesson. Thank you. I’m in Altrincham Chehire

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Bernice
      So pleased you are enjoying the lessons – more next week

  4. Nick Mason

    After the first lesson I played 14 games of online bridge and the robot beat me 13 times – work in progress!

  5. Britta Sugden

    Britta from Edinburgh (Scotland) is here too. Lesson1 understood, thank you!

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Britta,
      Great – Lesson 2 on bidding is harder but we do a lot of consolidation over the coming weeks

  6. Jane Holbert

    Unfortunately our wi if has been down all day and I wasn’t able to join the class. Would you please still be able to send me the link to watch Class 2. I do intend to join the class on a regular basis.

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hello Jane
      The link to the replay of Lesson 2 is at the top of this page. Let me know if you can access it Ok.

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Ann
      I enjoyed hosting the lesson too – more next week

  7. Penelope Todrick

    Ji can’t get onto practise lessons. I have to do it on phone! Any ideas?

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Penelope
      I am sorry that you are having a problem with the practice hands for Mini Bridge. The link is and it works fine on my Ipad and computer. Have you tried the link on a different device like a laptop or computer?

    2. Penelope Todrick

      I have received email for lesson two. What I. wanted was lesson three which I missed yesterday. Spoke to Jack and he said you would be able to sort it!

  8. Dolores Anne Roche

    enjoyed lesson 1, look forward to lesson 2

  9. Dolores Anne Roche

    enjoyed lesson 1 look forward to lesson 2

  10. Dolores Anne Roche

    enjoyed lesson 1, look forward to lesson 2

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Dolores
      Great – you will need to watch lessons 2 and 3 in replay as Lesson 4 will be on Wednesday at 2pm

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