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Pam was playing bridge online with three friends when this hand came up. It was a very interesting hand and people made good choices to put the pressure on. There are things we can learn from everyone’s choices at this table.

The bidding 1C – 4H – 6D – P; P – P is not an auction you see everyday! E puts great pressure on NS by taking up all their bidding room and S has a very difficult decision. Pam briefly explains why 6D was a good choice.

In the play, the normal lead is made and declarer starts to draw trumps. Unfortunately, the trumps don’t break.

W immediately puts the pressure on by forcing declarer to make a guess. How aggressively would E bid their 4H overcall? The answer to that will indicated where the CK is. After declarer concludes that the finesse will most likely fail, they try for a squeeze. Will this squeeze work or did they guess wrong? Or maybe some unexpected good fortune will appear!

Pre-emptive overcalls put pressure on our opponents, forcing declarer to make a guess early puts them under pressure before they have much information, and knowing your opponents’ bidding style can be important to help with the play.

After watching the video above, try playing all four hands for one of the boards below:

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