Time to give up?

Are you listening to your partner? It’s a mistake to ignore the messages you are being given. Partner wants to be able to trust you.

What is your next bid?

You have a very weak hand. Think about partner’s hand and try to picture it before deciding your next action. Maybe you are promising too little or too much?

Every bid you make should make some statement about your strength and your shape.

Mistake: Passing partner’s rebid because you are weak

What happens when your partner bids two suits and you don’t have support for either of them? In the hand above, you have just enough to respond to partner’s opening bid.

Your hand is very weak and you have no interest in looking for game. Partner has shown at least five diamonds and at least four clubs. There are only four cards left in partner’s hand so the chances of partner having a spade fit are very slim.

Your best option is to bid 2♦. You know that you have at least a 7-card fit. Clubs may only offer a 6-card fit. You show no extra points by bidding 2♦. It is a limit bid and promises 6-9 points You would be wrong to pass 2♣ just because you are weak.

It would be risky to bid 2♠. Partner may only have one spade. When you have a misfit, it is best to get out of the auction as quickly and cheaply as you can – but not in what may be the wrong suit!

Principle: You do not show extra strength when you give preference to one of partner’s suits

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