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To Draw or Not to Draw

with Curt Soloff

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Included lessons:

  1. Counting Losers & Finding Clues
  2. Trump Management, Part 1
  3. Trump Management, Part 2
  4. The Full Crossruff

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Lesson 1: Counting Losers & Finding Clues

We begin with the fundamental approach to playing suit contracts: counting sure and potential losers and assessing how we might make losers go away.  We will also consider the full auction and how our approach changes when we have little information (opponents did not bid) versus scenarios in which the opponents open, overcall, double, preempt, or otherwise provide clues that can assist our play.

Lesson 2: Trump Management, Part 1

On many hands, it is appropriate to draw all trumps immediately, and we will discuss criteria for when this is the proper approach.  We will also consider situations where we might draw most of the trumps but leave one outstanding, which frequently depends on the quality of our trump suit and whether it is splitting favorably for us.

Trump Management, Part 2

Sometimes we must delay the drawing of trumps because we have important work to do, often getting losers ruffed in the dummy.  On other hands, the opening lead presents a perilous situation in which we must eliminate losers before attacking the trump suit.  Along the way, we will look at the necessity of managing limited dummy entries carefully.

Lesson 4: The Full Crossruff

At times, we may never draw trump at all and are grateful that the defense did not make the opening lead of a trump.  Hence, we will look at hand types in which a full crossruff produces the maximum number of tricks and determine when this line of play is most appropriate.

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