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Etiquette & Communication in Bridge: Online & in Real Life

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Included lessons:

  1. June 1: Playing Duplicate Bridge
  2. June 8: About Partnership Agreements
  3. June 15: Explanations of Agreements
  4. June 22: The Tournament Director

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Lesson 1: Playing Duplicate Bridge

In this lesson, you will learn about how to use the equipment provided for face-to-face bridge and what the layout on the two most popular online bridge platforms looks like. So what are those stop and alert cards for?

Lesson 2: About Partnership Agreements

In this lesson, you will learn about which system agreements you should make with a pick-up partner and how to handle situations where one of you forgets one!

Lesson 3: Explanations of Agreements

In this lesson, you will learn about how to give information to your opponents about your bidding and carding agreements. How can we make our explanations as clear as possible?

Lesson 4: The Tournament Director

In this lesson, you will learn how and when to call the Tournament Director and the types of problems you might encounter. Be brave — but also polite!

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