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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Jo Bond

    Crikey but this weeks lesson was hard!! Great suggestion about review on certain topics though! Can we know what it will be please so that a bit of revision can be done? Thanks, have a good week x

  2. Suzanne Richards

    Really – enjoyed the Jeremy Clarkson article – such a shame that you didn’t get a name check!

    Anyway I have two questions both regarding Weak 2s :
    1. Is a weak 2 bid only used as an opening bid? Playing recently opposition have announced “weak 2” as an overbid
    2. If you open the bidding with a Weak 2 bid and then your opponent makes a bid is your partner still bound by the Put UP or Shut Up “rule” or are they now free to make their own bid?

    Enjoying the lessons / games very much indeed


    Suzanne – Weds 2pm class

    1. Jack Stocken

      Hi Suzanne
      It was a fun article! More experienced players play a Weak Jump Overcall so if opener bids 1D then a jump to 2S as an overcall shows a hand similar to a weak two opener so 6 cards and 5 – 10 points. You must agree this with your partner though and it is something we will cover soon.
      It would be very rare for responder to bid a new suit after a weak two opener but if someone overcalls, then responder can still bid to the level of the fit with 3 or 4 card support.

      1. Suzanne Richards

        Thank you – that’s very helpful. Have been a bit confused!

    2. Juliet French

      Hi Jack
      The article was v funny!
      Glad we are having reviews the next few weeks – need them! Just watched the replay of defence yesterday – very good.
      See that you have another Juliet online but I was the first one!
      Thanks again for your great lessons.

      1. Jack Stocken

        Hi Juliet
        As far as I am concerned you are the only Juliet! I am sure reviews will go down well. Delighted you are enjoying the lessons as much as I am giving them.

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