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LBO Member Meetup at Bridge Base

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Additional Recommended Bridge Apps

Click here to watch a support video showing how to find and play the free Bridge Master learning hands on BBO.

Your Homework: Practice on Bridge Base’s Mini-Bridge:

For practicing bridge on your own, Jack recommends a fun and free bridge app you can download to your phone or tablet called BriJ Bridge App.

Watch these support videos for help getting started.

Play online bridge with other LBO members at BBO

  • Enter “Casual” and then the “Relaxed Bridge Club.”
  • If you are starting a new table, include “LBO Members” in the description so other members can find you. In the table description, you can also specify your bidding system.
  • If you would like to prevent non-LBO members from joining your table, turn on “Permission required to play.”

Leave a comment below to find a partner or schedule another time to play

Include these details:

  • The date and time you are available to play
  • Your BBO username
  • Your bidding system and experience level

Please note that we can offer only limited tech support for activity on BBO. For your safety, do not share your personal information or email address.

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