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Aggressive vs. Passive Defending in Bridge

In half of all bridge hands your side is defending.  There are great gains to be made by improving your defence and it is all about gathering information and putting together the pieces of the puzzle.  Join Pam for this free introductory defence course and find out why defence is her favourite part of the game.

“As a school teacher and lover of bridge, I am delighted to see Pam share her expertise in bidding and defensive challenges, bringing them from the bridge table to your home.

Players at all levels can benefit from both her passion for the game and her genuine desire to raise the enjoyment & competitiveness of participants.”

Grant Jarvis – Emerald Grandmaster & Bridge Champion

About Pam Livingston:

Pam Livingston has represented New Zealand in the Open Section multiple times and is a current member of the New Zealand Women’s team.  She is widely admired, both as a player and a teacher.