Play Session with Graeme Tuffnell: Suit Establishment, Combinations, & Finessing


Thursday, April 22 at 9:30am UK time, 8:30pm NZ time (view in your timezone)

Beginning April 15, hands available to play anytime. Can’t join the live lesson? No problem – Graeme can still respond to your questions and a replay will be emailed to you.

Please note: This play session is already included for members of Graeme’s weekly class on Thursdays.

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About the Play Session:

Play eight structured hands created for this session by Graeme Tuffnell. Beginning April 15, you can play these hands whenever you like. All students will play against robots sitting South.

Your challenge on these hands is twofold. First, you’ll need to identify which suit to establish. That’s often going to be your longest suit but be careful because this is bridge!

Blindly following rules will end up getting you lost. Having decided which suit to establish you’ll need to work out the best way to attack. Some types of finesses aren’t that easy to spot.

Leave comments and questions after each hand. Everyone will play the same hands from the same seat so we can compare our thought processes and results.

In an included video lesson, Graeme talks through all eight hands responding to questions and comments left by the students.

A free registration on Sky Bridge Club will be required to play the session hands. These hands and lesson video will remain available to replay through June, 2021.

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