Play Session with India Leeming: Negative Doubles


Tuesday, April 13 at 9:30am UK time (view in your timezone)

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About Negative Doubles

Doubles cause so much confusion! They can mean completely different things depending
exactly where they crop up in the auction, so you really do have to make sure you
understand them.

Negative doubles are a type of take-out double used exclusively by Responder: rather than
being a pure take-out double, showing the unbid suits, they emphasise the unbid major or
majors wherever possible. India will talk you through some example auctions so that you can
get to grips with exactly how this works.

How the Supervised Play session will work

1. Go to the LBO virtual classroom from a link that will be emailed to you.
2. India will take you through a summary of the topic; you will have a chance to ask
questions about it.
3. From the virtual classroom, we’ll guide you to the RealBridge session.
4. You will find yourself in the lobby, looking at the tables from above. Choose where
you would like to sit; if you have a regular partner that you would like to play with, sit
opposite that person.
5. Once everyone is seated, India will start the session and you will receive a hand. If
you have any tech problems or are stuck for what to bid, click on the Director button
in the bottom right-hand corner and a supervisor will join you.
6. Have fun!

This live lesson and session will be suitable for improver & intermediate-level players. There is no ability to replay the hands later.