Play Session with Graeme Tuffnell: Find the Queen


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About the Play Session:

Play eight structured hands created for this session by Graeme Tuffnell. You can play these hands whenever you like. All students will play against robots sitting South.

Your specific challenge as you play each hand in this set: look for the clues to figure out where the missing Queen must be.

Leave comments and questions after each hand. Everyone will play the same hands from the same seat so we can compare our thought processes and results.

In an included video lesson, Graeme talks through all eight hands responding to questions and comments left by the students.

Please note: This play session is a one-time event, independent of Graeme’s weekly class on Thursdays. A free registration on Sky Bridge Club will be required to play the session hands. These hands and lesson video will remain available to replay through February, 2021.