Lesson & Play Session with Graeme Tuffnell: The Ups and Downs of Bridge


Thursdays, August 5 & 12

9:30am UK time, 8:30pm NZ time (view in your timezone)

 Can’t join the live lessons? No problem – Graeme can still respond to your questions and a replay will be emailed to you.

Please note: This play session is already included for members of Graeme’s weekly class on Thursdays.

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In this special 2-part lesson & play session combo, Graeme will help us prepare for the ups and downs we all feel while playing at the bridge table.

On Thursday, August 5, Graeme will teach a live lesson preparing us. Over the next week, we can play 8 hands created for this even, leaving comments and questions for Graeme after each hand. Then, on August 12, Graeme will review the hands and questions.

A free registration on Sky Bridge Club will be required to play the session hands. These hands and lesson video will remain available to replay through January, 2022.

Message from Graeme:

A session of bridge can be an emotional roller-coaster. You know it’s true! All those bidding lessons and card play techniques which seemed so logical in class seem impossible when you get to the table and it feels like you’re hurtling down space mountain. Let’s spend some time preparing for the ride so we can play bridge to our true potential.