Take Your Bridge to the Next Level with Curt Soloff

$40 every 4 weeks with 1 week free trial

Are you ready to take your bridge to the next level? Memorization of key concepts in bridge is unavoidable, but for players to ascend and truly improve at the game, developing your thought process is essential. 

Curt employs a teaching style designed to highlight and grow that thought process and keep students from relying too heavily on rules and rote memorization.  Curt takes students on a journey through many facets of the game with special attention to defense, one of the most rewarding, fun, and undervalued parts of the game. Learn to see beyond the 13 cards in your own hand and thinking on a deeper level!


New lessons every Tuesday. Watch via replay or join live at Noon, NY time.

About Curt Soloff

Curt brings more than 27 years of competitive duplicate bridge experience to the table.  A Sapphire Life Master who provides professional bridge teaching services in Colorado and online to students around the globe, Curt previously served as the manager of the Castle Rock Bridge Club from 2009 until 2020.  He was a columnist for the District 17 Scorecard and his playing career includes numerous regional and sectional tournament event victories. He was the first recipient of the Denver Unit’s Jan Janitschke Award in 2020 for outstanding teaching and mentoring.

Some recommendations from Curt’s students:

“I am really enjoying both Curt’s weekly class and the Confident Cuebid class. Curt covers the material thoroughly from all angles and he even has a sense of humor. Can’t ask for much more than that from a bridge teacher.”

– Brian D.


“Curt is an amazing Bridge teacher! His passion for Bridge is unparalleled. He is able to impart his expertise and wealth of knowledge to students, no matter what their level, in such a manner that not only serves to improve their game, but fosters love of the game and makes learning it fun!”

– Leslie J.


“I was a beginner bridge player when I started taking bridge lessons from Curt 3 years ago. My understanding of the bidding, play of the hand and defense has greatly improved. I was hearing about so many different “Best Practices” from so many different people at the ‘Club’ that it was overwhelming and confusing. Curt’s teaching method, patient approach and communication skills has allowed me to make significant advancements in my understanding and implementation of my Bridge game. Curt has helped me gain confidence, comfort, and more success at the bridge table.” – Bob B.


“I’m grateful to have Curt teaching me the game of Bridge. He’s extremely articulate and is able to explain the intricacies of bidding and play of the hands in a way that makes things clear and understandable. I’ve been taking lessons from him for three years, and throughout that time he has been patient, even when I repeat the same mistakes. He’ll remind me, and/or explain it again with patience and clarity. He also puts together teaching series focused on various subjects such as bidding conventions. These have been extremely helpful in advancing my understanding of the game. Overall, because of his teaching, my bridge skills have improved dramatically.”  – Jan Y.


“Curt is an amazing teacher. He stays on task, and does not go off on tangents. He is very knowledgeable about bridge, and presents the material in a clear and concise manner. He presents the material so it makes sense, and he has a kind way of explaining why you cannot make crazy bids! He is very generous with his time and I feel I can ask him any question, no matter how basic, or silly. He is an amazing man.”  – Sandra M.


“Curt Soloff is a gifted teacher whose clear explanations and sample hands make key bridge concepts very accessible. He is generous and patient when students have questions or want to understand the thought process behind his line of play at the table. His classes have really helped me improve my game!”  – Margot L.


“Curt is one of the most thorough, thoughtful, well prepared teachers. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about bridge and always goes deeper into the subject matter more than expected. And he has a good sense of humour! He answers questions well and patiently no matter how complex or not. Very happy pupil,”  – Karen B.