Defence Lessons with Pam Livingston

$40 every 4 weeks with a 2-week free trial

Take part in a new defence lesson each week. Ask and respond to Pam’s questions in real-time. Upcoming topics include: Encouraging vs. discouraging, Discerning declarer’s plan, When dummy goes down, Key points in the auction, Choosing an opening lead, What partner’s lead tells us, Opening up a new suit, & When to take our tricks

A library of recorded lessons is available to all members of the class.


Wednesdays, 8:30pm NZT / 9:30am UK time – (View class time in your local timezone)

All active members of the class are able to:

  • Attend new interactive live lessons every week
  • Access a library of past lessons available via replay
  • Receive playable hands created for you by Pam
  • Ask Pam bridge questions via the class forum


Pam’s lessons continue every Wednesday, billed every four weeks. Cancel anytime. 

About the Class:

For half the hands that are played, we are defending. Instead of thinking “Oh, it’s their turn to have the fun,” let’s turn that around to, “Here is our opportunity to get a good score!”
Defending is about working together as a partnership – our friend across the table is giving us reliable information so that we can make good decisions and vice versa.
But defence is tricky to learn (and to teach!).  Unlike bidding and declarer play there aren’t so many rules and techniques to learn.  It’s about thinking, looking for clues, and thinking some more.
Join me for my defence class and we will think about the hands together – looking for clues to lead us down a sensible path.

Upcoming Lesson Topics:

  • Encouraging vs. discouraging
  • Discerning declarer’s plan
  • More information we have when dummy goes down
  • Key points in the auction
  • Don’t be embarrassed
  • When working hard does or doesn’t make a difference
  • Trusting our sensible decisions
  • Choosing an opening lead
  • What partner’s lead tells us
  • Opening up a new suit
  • When to take our tricks