Welcome to the Virtual Bridge Club for Jack’s Beginners! (BETA)

This is an experimental virtual space where members of Jack Stocken’s Beginner Class can meet-up to play together online. You can return to the class page by clicking here.

Important: A computer and strong internet connection is necessary! Your Video and Audio will be seen by others in the virtual club.

Please watch the explainer video before trying to enter the rooms below.

Tutorial video – how to play in the virtual club

LBO Beginner Meetup

Thursdays at 2pm & Mondays at 7pm, UK time

Please try Room 1 first. Max 24 per room.

If both rooms are full, you can still play directly at BBO here: https://www.bridgebase.com

Virtual Bridge Club
When you enter the space, use the arrow keys to move and type ‘x’ to join a table.

How was your experience playing using this virtual club? As this is an experiment, your feedback would be most appreciated.

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