Discards are often tricky, especially when an opponent is playing out a long suit and we have to make lots of them. We may look at a suit such as T432 and think we have no tricks there so we can easily discard the 2. However, that might let the contract through! What if declarer had 4 and now wins with the 5 on the 4th round?

On the other hand, if we hold onto our long suit, we won’t have as much room in our hand for keeping other suits. We might give a trick away that way too!

Do we need to be psychic to get this right? It would certainly help but we can get this right more often than not by paying attention to all the information we have.

Does dummy or declarer have length in our long suit? If yes, it’s usually a good idea to keep our length. If no, we usually don’t need to.

Prakash explains this in the above video with examples. You can also try playing all four hands for one of the boards below.

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