It is a real honor to be joined by Prakash Paranjape. He has won multiple bridge championships in India and wrote the bridge column in the Times of India for over twenty years. Thank you for joining us and leading us through this incredible hand, Prakash!

Introduction by Prakash:

At the table, we often come across hands where the Declarer has all but one trick that she needs for her contract. There are many ways to look for that extra trick, some more technical and others, less so, however, the best way to go about it is to maintain a basic discipline. That begins with counting trumps, counting top tricks, and identifying potential tricks. There is one more part to that discipline and the featured deal describes that discipline. If you are cashing trumps, and if you need to make discards, it is a good practice to identify the small cards that you don’t absolutely need for your project, and the other small cards that might just be useful on a rainy day. Examine the hand and the suggested play. When you get to the eleventh trick, you will make a stunning discovery. I will leave that Eureka moment for you to enjoy.

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