About Us

Adam Parrish – Teacher

Adam Parrish is widely recognized to be among the top bridge teachers and authors in the United States. He has written five acclaimed books and writes a monthly column in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. He teaches students all around the world, both online and in person in NYC. He is also one of the partners of Bridge Winners, the web’s premier bridge discussion site.

Jack Stocken – Teacher

Jack Stocken has established himself as one of the UK’s foremost bridge teachers; renowned for his patience, clarification of teaching and most important of all, making bridge a fun game to learn. Jack started teaching bridge in 1999 at The Andrew Robson Bridge Club where he worked as the club’s manager for seven years. He returned to his native Yorkshire in 2006 where he started Yorkshire Bridge.

Marla Lawson – Teacher

Marla Lawson has been playing competitive bridge for 13 years and is a Life Master. She teaches with the Bridge and Games organization (formerly known as Honors) in New York, and serves on the Board of the Greater New York Bridge Association. Her underlying philosophy on bridge: “At the end of the day, IT’S A CARD GAME. It’s supposed to be fun!”

Curt Soloff – Teacher

Curt Soloff brings more than 27 years of competitive duplicate bridge experience to the table.  A Sapphire Life Master who provides professional bridge teaching services in Colorado and online to students around the globe, Curt previously served as the manager of the Castle Rock Bridge Club from 2009 until 2020.  He was a columnist for the District 17 Scorecard and his playing career includes numerous regional and sectional tournament event victories.

He was the first recipient of the Denver Unit’s Jan Janitschke Award in 2020 for outstanding teaching and mentoring.

Learn bridge online with Graeme Tuffnell

Graeme Tuffnell – Teacher

Graeme Tuffnell might be the black sheep of the bunch. He doesn’t like titles – or flaunting his achievements – but if you give up all your worldly possessions and go hike up a mountain seeking the meaning of life bridge, when you finally approach the little hut at the very top, you might just find it is Graeme who opens the door for you and offers a cup of tea. (He is also the creator and host of the popular online bridge club, Sky Bridge Club.)

Tina McVeigh

Tina McVeigh – Teacher

Tina McVeigh is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed bridge teachers, who has represented NZ as a member of the national women’s team. She travels frequently, teaching bridge to both new and experienced players within NZ and overseas.  Her Christchurch bridge club, House of Cards, established in 1999, is renowned for its high-quality teaching. Tina’s unique teaching style is fun and highly interactive.

Antara Keelor – Supervisor & Customer Support

Antara Keelor is an avid bridge enthusiast who developed her strategic thinking during her long career as a senior advertising executive. Currently, she shares her industry experience with university students in her role as an instructor for business schools.

India Natt née Leeming – Teacher

India Natt was first taught how to play bridge by her grandfather at the age of 11 but only began playing regularly at 18, when she joined her university bridge club. This led to her joining the England Junior Squad in 2015 and making her international debut in the Junior European Pairs Championships in 2016. She played for the England Juniors several more times before aging out in 2019.

Learn bridge online with Oliver Powell

Oliver Powell – Supervisor & Customer Support

Oliver Powell is a accomplished player who has played for the England Junior Team. He is a popular teacher at the Avenue Bridge Club in Brighton, England, and now, a new member of the Learn Bridge Online team.

Maryellen Harper – Supervisor & Customer Support

Maryellen Harper is a bridge enthusiast and learner now helping host lessons and videos with the Learn Bridge Online team.

Bajir Cannon – Founder & Resident Student

Bajir is the only person on this page from whom you should not learn bridge. He is, however, the founder of this site which he created so bridge improvers like us can take online bridge lessons with our fantastic bridge teachers.