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Tna McVeigh, Graeme Tuffnell, Jack Stocken, Pam Livingston, Adam Parrish, & India Leeming

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  • Should I Run this Honour?
    Should I Run this Honour? When wondering whether to take a finesse by running an honour, check how many cards you have backing up your lower honours. The longer the sequence, the stronger the sequence: look for tens and nines in particular.
  • Looking for clues while defending against 1NT
    The results for this hand were evenly spit. What made the difference? Graeme encourages to dive in deeper looking for all the clues that help us see the unseen hands, while, at the same time, taking a broader perspective beyond the results of this (or any) particular hand.
  • Becoming a Better Defender at Bridge with Pam Livingston
    A free defence lesson with Pam Livingston: For half the hands that are played, we are defending . Instead of thinking “oh its their turn to have the fun” let’s turn that around to “here’s our opportunity to get a good score!”
  • Finesse or play for a 3-2 trump split?
    In this hand, both Acol and Standard players will find themselves as declarer in 3NT. When dummy comes down, we see we only have six sure winners. Anyone else start to worry at this point?
  • Bid spades again or go with diamond fit with Graeme
    We open the bidding with 1S, W doubles, and partner responds 2D. Do we want to show support for partner’s minor or rebid our good 6-card major suit?
  • When is jumping to game signing off?
    Does it show lots of trumps and not many points or lots of points and a normal trump fit? How do we know?