Learn bridge online with Adam Parrish
Learn bridge online with Adam Parrish

Adam Parrish

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New lessons every Monday.

Adam Parrish, of “Parrish the Thought” fame, focuses on thought process: how we think about all the decisions we have to make, from bidding to defense to declarer play. The goal is not to always be right — that’s impossible. The goal is to think about our decisions the right way, so we’re right more often. 

Every Monday morning Adam covers a topic by guiding us through his thought process, focusing on real-world hands and real-life decisions. This spring, the topic is game decisions: when to bid game, when to invite, when to accept partner’s decision. We discuss no just HOW to invite but when to, with a special focus on evaluation.

It’s an interactive experience: Adam encourages questions. Each class is recorded, so you can watch even if you can’t make it live. Or you can go back and re-watch a class to solidify the concepts.

New play sessions every Thursday.

The key to being a good declarer is your thought process at trick one — before you play from the dummy. This is one of Adam’s specialties: he literally wrote the book on the subject! Twice! (When to Draw Trumps and When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It.) Adam focuses on how to make a plan as declarer, noting the difference between suit contracts and notrump. 

Each week Adam gives us hands from real life — no made up teaching hands here. We get to tackle them on our own first, and then Adam talks us through his thought process and shows us how he would play. There’s not always a right and wrong way — that’s not how bridge works. The focus is on how we think about the deal and the plan we make.

Each class is recorded, so you re-watch later or you can get the lesson even if you can’t make it live. The hands are playable for a week following the lesson on BBO. There’s also a worksheet each week with the hand records and Adam’s written analysis.

About Adam Parrish:

Adam Parrish is among the top bridge teachers and authors in the United States. He has written three acclaimed books and writes a monthly column in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. He teaches students all around the world, both online and in person.

He is also one of the partners of Bridge Winners, the web’s premier bridge discussion site. Adam lives in New York City and heads up the online teaching program at Honors Bridge Club, the country’s largest club.

Adam’s Teaching Philosophy:

“Bridge is a game, and above all is meant to be fun. This approach is the backbone of my teaching philosophy. It’s very hard to learn when you’re down on yourself, so I strive to keep things enjoyable and positive create an environment that fosters learning.

My focus is on logic and thought-process. Learning new conventions is fun, and there is plenty of value there. But knowing the system you already play and understanding the fundamentals of bidding and cardplay are significantly more important. So my teaching focuses more on declarer play, defense, and bidding fundamentals and less on exotic conventions. I want to be sure you not only know what the correct bid or play is, but why it is the correct thing to do.”