Free online lesson with Graeme Tuffnell

July 9th, 2020 – 9:30am BST / 6:30pm AEST / 8:30pm NZT

Replay available to all registered students.

About Graeme’s Weekly Online Class:

So many rules. Have you noticed, too, that they often seem to conflict each other?

Let’s understand the rules instead of simply knowing them and accept that in order to follow one rule we might have to break another. When we understand the rules we play with confidence.

And besides, they’re not rules.

In each lesson, Graeme will introduce a topic and then guide students through select hands to put the lesson directly into practice.

The first class on July 9th is free for all – just register above. If you’re already ready to join Graeme’s ongoing weekly class, you can subscribe here.

This Month’s Lessons:

July 9: Focusing on the Opening Lead

Anybody can win a trick with an ace or a king. The cornerstone of declarer play and defence is to establish extra tricks so you can win tricks with your 2s and 3s. We’re focussing on the opening lead in this lesson but the skills we develop will help throughout the full hand.

July 16: Make a Map, not a Plan

Bridge teachers often talk about the importance of planning the play as soon as you see dummy. But how can you plan the play of a hand when you don’t know what’s going to happen a couple of tricks later? In this lesson we’ll talk about how trying to make a plan will often lead to frustration. Instead, let’s make a map.

July 23: Figure Out Declarer’s Cards

Your partner has made the opening lead. Your job is not just to interpret that lead but also to use the information gleaned to try and figure out declarer’s cards.

July 30: Remembering the Cards that have been Played

Are you good at remembering the cards that have been played? Very few people have that skill because they’re all trying to remember the cards that have been played! There’s a better way. Let’s learn to understand the cards that have been played.