Free Lesson: The Hold-up Play with Graeme Tuffnell

The Hold-up Play in Bridge with Graeme Tuffnell
The Hold-up Play in Bridge with Graeme Tuffnell

Today we take an in depth look at the hold up play. Why to use it, when to use it, when not to use it. It’s not a new topic! – just an extension of suit combinations that we just keep working on.

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This lesson is suitable for improvers & intermediate players of all bidding systems.

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So many rules. Have you noticed, too, that they often seem to conflict each other?

Let’s understand the rules instead of simply knowing them and accept that in order to follow one rule we might have to break another. When we understand the rules we play with confidence.

And besides, they’re not rules.

In each lesson, Graeme will introduce a topic and then guide students through select hands to put the lesson directly into practice.

“Graeme’s method of visualising the other hands clicked the other day.

My Bridge is improving so much and my Partner and I came first on the Leader Board yesterday with a high percentage.

There is nothing like a good teacher and keeping an open mind!”

Frances M. – Melbourne, Australia

“The class is suited to many levels of bridge experience, and Graeme is excellent at explaining new strategies to play your contract. Graeme effortlessly involves members from the class making it very interactive, and fun. Each class builds upon the learnings from the previous class and at the end I felt as though I had achieved a greater understanding of suit combinations. A knowledge that has helped me progress in my playing of bridge.”

Emma Sharp – Auckland, New Zealand

“I am learning so much about really thinking when you are playing, watching and analysing the cards. I find it difficult but I am trying to practise on every hand, especially working out the shapes. It’s a whole new world as I am not a natural card player, just love the game and enjoy learning and improving. I find Graeme’s lessons a revelation – he makes you think and is so inspirational on the ups and downs of bridge as well. Many thanks – and keep the lessons coming!”

Rosanna R. – UK