Free Bridge Lessons: Transfers, Stayman, & Next Steps

Jacoby Transfers, Stayman, & Our Next Steps - with Marla Lawson
Jacoby Transfers, Stayman, & Our Next Steps – with Marla Lawson

A lot of us have learned the conventions “Stayman” and “Jacoby Transfers” after Partner opens 1NT. Do we fully understand when and how to use them, and what Responder’s second bid should mean after starting with one of these conventions?

Even after learning about Transfers & Stayman, too many learners are still unsure of what to bid next.

Join Marla Lawson in these four short free bridge lessons to look at all of our options.

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About Marla Lawson

Marla Lawson is one of NYC’s most respected and loved bridge teachers. She has been playing competitive bridge for 13 years, is a Life Master, and teaches at the legendary Honors Bridge Club in Manhattan, one of the premier clubs in the US. Marla also serves on the Board of the Greater New York Bridge Association. Her underlying philosophy on bridge: “At the end of the day, IT’S A CARD GAME. It’s supposed to be fun!”

Recommendations from Marla’s students:

Marla Lawson is perhaps the most cheerful and encouraging teacher I have ever learned from. She has a nearly inexhaustible supply of patience and always makes her students feel as if they will succeed no matter how many mistakes they might make. Combined with her knowledge of the game, these traits make her the ideal candidate for teaching bridge to beginning players.

– Jim S.

Marla’s clarity and patience has helped me gain confidence as I learn the wonderful and nuanced game of bridge. Her enthusiasm for the game and friendly demeanor make it super easy and comfortable to ask questions, and her feedback is always valuable. She’s a joy to learn with!

– Erin B.

“Marla is a kind, approachable, and knowledgeable bridge teacher with a knack for breaking down complicated concepts into straightforward, digestible components. She has infinite patience. No question is too silly — even if it really is! She understands that learning bridge is hard, but also focuses on the fact that it should be fun. She challenges her students, but also works hard to make sure they understand the concepts she is teaching before moving on to new subjects. Her classes build on each other, and her love of the game is infectious. Take classes with Marla! You’ll have fun and learn a lot!

– Carmen B.

“Marla’s teaching method is I do, We do, You do.  She models and provide explanations, and we practice together.  It’s the best way to learn.  Marla’s explanations are clear and precise plus she always makes the class fun.”

– Janet H.

“Marla is a fabulous bridge instructor! I have learned a great deal from her online classes. Each of her classes is easy to follow, highly informative and fun to attend. I recommend her course without reservation.”

– Alan S.

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