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Communication in Bridge with Bridget Rampton
Communication in Bridge with Bridget Rampton

Bridge is all about communication.  It’s one of the things that makes it such a great game.

Communication comes into every aspect of bridge. The bidding, the play and the defence.

Included with Membership in Bridget Rampton’s Weekly Class.

We’ll start by looking at communication in defence by focusing on our signals and discards with our partner. How can we let our partner know what’s going on? There is no need to just play our cards randomly…let’s use them to talk.

In the second and third lesson we can look at keeping communications flowing when you are the declarer.  We’ll cover the communication between dummy and the hand, and also look at breaking communications between the defenders.

In the fourth lesson we’ll look at some bidding communication.  What’s been said by what’s not been said.

Signals and Discards Communication Between Your Hand & Dummy Preview Breaking the Defenders' Communication He Said, She Said!