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Understanding 2-over-1 & the BBO Robots

Included lessons:

  1. What does that mean?
  2. 2-over-1s and Wide-ranging NT
  3. Bidding with Support
  4. Competitive Bidding

In this course, India Leeming will provide an introduction to playing with or against the BBO robots, known as “GiB” (Ginsberg’s Intelligent Bridge Player). GiB has begun to be used widely since the pandemic started; it may even be found playing in your local club duplicates and national bridge federations. Many people have also taken to playing solo with and against three GiBs when practising but one thing that may cause problems here is that GiB can only play 2/1.

This course is suitable for players of any system, whether you already tend to play 2/1 and would like to understand GiB’s particular style, or whether you play Acol and have never even encountered a strong-and-five system before. I shall be demystifying weird robot-y explanations, providing a grounding in how the system is structured and identifying the conventions you will need to watch out for. By the end of this course, you will feel much more comfortable when you are playing with and against GiB: another tool to help you practise your bridge!

Lesson 1: What does that mean? Lesson 2: 2-over-1s and Wide-ranging NT Lesson 3: Bidding with Support Lesson 4: Competitive Bidding