Beginner Lessons (Acol) with Jack Stocken

$40 every 4 weeks with a 2-week free trial

Completely new to bridge? Start learning with a free trial. Progress through the recorded lessons in the Lesson Library. Join us for new interactive lessons each week.

All recorded introductory lessons are included with membership to the class. Join now and progress at your own pace.

Live outside the UK, Ireland, or NZ? A different class is recommended.


New lessons presented every Wednesday at 11am, UK time.

Join live or watch via replay. Ask and respond to Jack’s questions in real-time & on the class page.

New to bridge? Immediately access to dozens of recorded lessons to help you get started. Begin with Lesson 1 and progress at your own pace.

All active members of the class are able to:

  • Attend new interactive live lessons every week
  • Access a library of past lessons available via replay
  • Receive lesson worksheets and playable hands created for you by Jack
  • Ask Jack bridge questions on the class page


Some recommendations from Jack’s students:

I came to Jack’s classes as an almost complete beginner and after 7 months I cannot believe how much I have learnt. The lessons are well structured and informative taking us at just the right pace to make good progress whilst building confidence. Jack’s easy going nature and sense of humour make it relaxed and fun.

Online learning means that a class need never be missed as it can be viewed at any time, whilst participating live gives the added bonus of ‘live chat’ and a chance to ask questions and connect with other learners and Jack. Class members now play together regularly online.

I highly recommend giving it a go. Jack is an Ace teacher (pun supplied by another student!)

– Kath W.

“I started learning Bridge, totally from scratch, at the end of 2019. Living in a remote Scottish area it is very difficult to find good teaching and opportunities to learn. LBO has been wonderful! I started the weekly lessons with Jack Stocken which give such a solid basis and explain bidding and playing techniques in a structured but very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Jack is a superb teacher and knows how to explain bridge clearly and simply. The interaction with students is fun and helps to clarify common questions and confusion. The availability of the replays and notes is a real bonus.

My bridge has improved much, much more than I expected. But also, so has my fascination with bridge!”

– Rosanna R.


Free Introductory Lessons

Completely new to bridge? Start learning for free with these two introductory lessons taught by Jack. All subsequent introductory lessons are included with membership to the class. Join now and progress at your own pace.

Lesson 1

  • An introduction to the wonderful game of bridge. We will play some Whist first and then move onto Bridge, concentrating on the second part of the game where all four players play out their cards.


Lesson 2

  • Jack will introduce the bidding where you decide which suit will be trumps or whether to play without trumps. We then play out the cards.


Already know how to play bridge? You may be better suited for Jack’s Improver class or Intermediate class.