Free Lesson: Fourth Suit Forcing with Jack Stocken

Fourth Suit Forcing in Bridge with Jack Stocken
Fourth Suit Forcing in Bridge with Jack Stocken

“One of the most useful conventions in bridge as it opens up valuable bidding space when responder has a game going hand. Some hands are unbiddable without FSF. We will concentrate on primarily showing shape, rather than just showing a stopper for notrumps.”

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This lesson is suitable for improvers & intermediate players of all bidding systems.

Zia Mahmood - World Champion & Bridge Legend

“I heartily recommend Jack Stocken… Clear and correct and very watchable (learnt a few things myself!)”

Zia Mahmood – World Champion & Bridge Legend

“Jack Stocken is a bridge teacher, par excellence, as many will testify”  

Andrew Robson – UK’s #1 Bridge Player

About Jack Stocken:

Jack Stocken has established himself as one of the country’s foremost bridge teachers; renowned for his patience, clarification of teaching and most important of all, making bridge a fun game to learn. Jack started teaching bridge in 1999 at The Andrew Robson Bridge Club where he worked as the club’s manager for seven years. He returned to his native Yorkshire in 2006 where he started “Yorkshire Bridge.” His bridge teaching is in the same style as at the London Club, with an emphasis on creating a friendly atmosphere and enjoyment of the game.

Jack teaches weekly online bridge lessons for Beginners, Improvers, and Intermediate players.

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